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Hello Developers,
In ApexClass & Trigger, there is field called BodyCrc at wokbench, I want the similar functionality for ApexPage. As I need to implement a POC that checks whether the content of two VF page is similar or not.

System.degug() is working for 2 3 debug only. then the remining System.debug() logs are not getting genrated.
Hello Everyone,
I am new to salesforce,
I wants to loging into another Salesforce Sandbox  Account using SOAP api .
soapO1 =new partnerSoapSforceCom.soap();
loginO1 = soapO1.login(sfun_u,sfpwd_u);
but login() is not working for sandbox credentials, It is working fine for normal developer credentials.

Hi Developers,
I have a PermissionSet (API Name : Electronics_Warehouse_Developer) that contain three Assingned Apps, Now I want to fetch the the Name of the assingned app using Apex code.
Thank You
I had linked my webassesor account to my trailhead profile(account 1) . Later I had merged my profile(account 1) into another trailhead account(account 2) of mine. When I complete the maintainance exams in my trailhead account it is not considering as completed. When I check the credential status it says my account is linked and when I click the link to my trail head profile I get "404 TRAIL NOT FOUND Sorry, that page doesn't exist. Try retracing your steps or review the URL. " . Is there any chance to change the profile linked to my certification maintainance? I raised a case with Salesforce but they have not responded. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • October 20, 2018
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