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trigger CheckValidationonCaseClose on Case (after update) {     
for(Case e:Trigger.New){          
Case d=Trigger.oldMap.get(e.Id);         
if(d.Signature_Required__c==true && d.Customer_Signature_Status__c!='Completed' && e.IsClosed==true)
e.adderror('Cannot Close Case');

its urgent

We would like to eliminate the possibility of accidentally creating a scenario where a customer can view another customer's data in a Customer Portal.  We've discovered one way this could happen is by creating a sharing rule where records are shared with a Role + Internal and Portal Subordinates.   Validation rules and Apex Triggers can only trigger on sObjects, as I understand it, so I don't think either of those options would work

Are there any other options we could pursue to restrict the options on sharing rules?

Thank you.



as a part of Developer Edition account the are two Live Agent User Feature Licenses. I am able to create Service cloud console application with Live Agent. And it works well. However, I am not able to login into Live Agent Console. :-( Is it even possible? Am I somehow able to try Live Agent Console with Developer Edition account?