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Hi all,
Here is my scenario. I need to give access to the users to children records B if they have access to the parent record A. A and B are in lookup relation. and the owner of A is not this user. Its an admin user. Does anyone have any code sample or starting point I can refer to(other than documentation)? I know it will be a trigger but the problem is the child record won't even exist when they have access to the parent record. The child records are created later,So  I can give access to child record on creation of child records but I am trying to figure out what happens when the user looses access to parent record, they shouldnt see child records either. 
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you
 Hi all I am using IBM DataStage with Salesforce Appexchange connector


The Connector is working fine on Prod but not in Sandbox the only diference into environments is Sandbox using SHA-256 and production not 

Any advices to fix it ?
I can't manage to finish this challenge. I got this error : 
" The 'ShowAssistantInfo' page isn't referencing the Assistant Name variable."
I used the <apex:variable> to create the variables but still got the error.

Here is my code :
<apex:page docType="html-5.0" standardController="Contact" title="Assistant Information">
    <apex:variable var="AssistantName" value="{!Contact.Name}" />
    <apex:variable var="AssistantPhone" value="{!Contact.Phone}" />
	<p>Assistant : {!AssistantName}</p>
	<p>Phone : <a href="tel:{!AssistantPhone}">{!AssistantPhone}</a></p>


Hi All,


I have a inputText field in a VF page and I need to disable paste function(Ctrl+v and paste using mouse button) so that we need to compulsorily type in the text box instead of just copy pasting.


I have tried the following script:


function DisableCtrlKey(e)
    var code = (document.all) ? event.keyCode:e.which;
    // look for CTRL key press
    if (parseInt(code)==17)
        alert("Please re-type your email address");
        window.event.returnValue = false;

function DisableRightClick(event)
    //For mouse right click
    if (event.button==2)
        alert("Please re-type your email address");       


 and under the VF page:

<apex:inputText id="confirmemail" value="{!email}" onKeyDown="return DisableCtrlKey(event)" onMouseDown="DisableRightClick(event)" </apex:inputText>

 It works fine but I want to implement the same functionality without using alert function.


Can anyone please let me know any work around to accomplish the above scenario.

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.




I am having the following problem while trying to deploy a custom object through the eclipse force.com tool.

Any ideas?

Deploy Results:
   Name:    unpackaged/objects/Business_Trip_Meeting__c.object
   Action:  NO ACTION
   Result:  FAILED
   Problem: Cannot specify a gender for a gender neutral language