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Hi guys/gals,

Do you have any idea on how to obtain the Cloak of Adventure sweatshirt after completing 5 badges on trailheads?

Source: http://go.pardot.com/l/27572/2016-01-06/4wy4tn?utm_campaign=newyear-trailhead-sweatshirt

I haven't received any email address or notification about the completion after I had received 5 new badges on my profile. 

The sweetshirt looks really cool and I want to get it :D  Ty

We are experiencing a problem with how Images within Rich Text fields display in custom VF Email Templates: when we preview the templates the images render fine, but when we test sending them out, the images display only the typical broken-image icon (ie white box, red X).


Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there a setting in the <apex:outputField> or a way to use a custom controller to 'unpack' the image references within the rich text field and replace them with resource references, actual image tags, etc?


Additional Details:

  • The rich text field is already being rendered using the <apex:outputField> tag
  • The field occurs within a custom VF component embedded in the email
  • The VF component also uses a custom controller.
  • I have already confirmed that the rendering issue is unrelated to the component / controller


  • October 25, 2010
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