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Hi guys,


I'm trying to understand what to expect from Force.com, regarding major versions' upgrades. In your expeerience, how seamless are the upgrades to your Force.com?


  1. Are there many breaking changes?
  2. When your code is affected by these breaking changes, what are your options? Redo the code? What time window do you have?
  3. In your experience, how much time does a Force.com major version upgrade consumes you, in terms or redoing/ verifying the code?
  4. And, in terms of testing your applications, to make sure the functionally hasn't broken? Does it break often?
  5. What is Force.com policy, regarding upgrades? They warn about the updates how much time ahead? DO we have a specific time frame to do these upgrades? What happens if you don't upgrade?
  6. Does your organization accept the upgrades well (the downatime, the Business Units having to participate in the tests, etc.)?


I'm trying to assess how much time should I schedule in future major versions upgrades...

Please answer what you can (even if you can't answer everything).


Thanks for everyone's help.