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The Order object does not allow configuration of the Order Number field, so we are relying on the Order Name field as a better identifier.
Is there a way we can either update the main field or the secondary field in the Global Search to show the Order Name (or any other field, custom or not) instead of the Order Number?

I have tried modifying the Search Results layout by both omitting the Order Number and by moving it lower in the column list, but it still returns the Order Number in the Instant Results.
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I'm calling the Retrieve statement in which I'm grabbing quite a few fields, many of which are formula fields and lookup fields to other objects.

Lately I've been getting this error (QUERY_TOO_COMPLICATED) but the API documentation doesn't say exactly what makes the query too complicated.

Is there a hard number of calculated fields (or relationship queries) that can be included in a single Retrieve call?  Does it depend on the complexity of the formulas within the calculated fields?

If anyone can shed more details about what contributes to this error, I would be really grateful.