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how can we do query child from parent and parent from child?
how can the roles impact on the security model?
how can we display the opportunites account related list along with oppetunity name can any one answer this question please?
i want to get the rollup summay fields after upadate an ccount is it possible if possible then how?
what is pagination best practices?
what is the main usage ofapec page block table and data table can any one give me the examples?
how can reduce viewstate using action region?
Hi how can we acheoeve the best pracice of visualforce page through these?
Accessing component IDs
Page block components
Rendering PDFs
Using component facets 
  plese give me over view very urgent?
what is system.runas() can any one explain how can we use it?
can anyone please give the realtime scenarios on future apex please?
If you notice that a large percentage of your view state comes from objects used in controllers or controller extensions, consider refining your SOQL calls to return only data that's relevant to the Visualforce page.
action support means a component that adds an ajax support to another component,allowing the component  to be refreshed asynchronously by the server when a particular even occurs

now my doubt is how the event can establish the relation between components to the server..can any one give me the examples please?
general issues facing in while deploying 
can any one explain the scenarios for recursive triggers? with examples?
1.A user can have up to 50 query cursors open at a time. For example, if 50 cursors are open and a client application still logged in as the same user attempts to open a new one, the oldest of the 50 cursors is released. Note that this limit is different for the batch Apexstart method, which can have up to five query cursors open at a time per user. The other batch Apex methods have the higher limit of 50 cursors.
2.Cursor limits for different Force.com features are tracked separately. For example, you can have 50 Apex query cursors, 50 batch cursors, and 50 Visualforce cursors open at the same time.
What are the batch apex limitations@
The requirement was to create a Radio button(RB) application in SF. Where a person must be able to rate an application with values 1-5 and these values must be Radio button.
What or how must a developer create it
What is enum can one give the example thanx in advance?
when i have use trigger.new and trigger.old please can any one explain indetailed with small scenarios please?
Scenarios to use batch apex and best practices in using batch apex?
-------->I have 10000 records in account /any other object how can i split them into batches in batch apex ,and how many batches is possible to do like that.. in that total how many times should batch apex methods invoked(i mean start, execute and stop methds)?
best things to remember to write triggers?
what is pagination best practices?
what is the future method scope?where we have to use this? limitations of future annotation?
what is the with sharing and without sharing in apex ?can any one provide small example with brief description???
Irrespective of functionality what is differences between Batch Apex &DataLoader
can any one give me real time scenarios on batch apex pleese
best things to remember to write triggers?
can any one give me the realtime scenarios for action poller and action region please?
Hii Friends how can i acheive the bellow scenario
   I have a visual force page contact list in that i have to insert two dashboards in a block in the upper portion how can i achieve this please help