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Very inexperienced developer here - I appreciate your patience and help.

I'm attempting to use process builder to update the stage on an opportunity when a task subject contains "has been signed by all parties". 

In process builder I have the task object starting the process when a record is created or updated.  The criteria for the action group is "When conditions are met".  The condition is Field [Task].Subject contains string "has been signed by all parties" - conditions = any (OR).  The immediate action is Record: [Task].Account ID.Opportunities update Field: Stage Picklist Value = Closed Won

When I test the workflow by adding a task with "has been signed by all parties" in the subject on the opportunity and save the record, the stage is not updated.  Any help is appreciated.

There are two Custom Objects, Object1 (Parent), Object2 (Child). Both are in MD relationship.

Object1 (Parent) has a picklist field "Statuc__c" with values InProgress & Completed.
Object2 (Child) has a field of CheckBox datatype "Completed__c".

Now. When the value of checkbox Completed__c is true in all the records of an associated parent record. then only the filed Status__c in Object1 should change to the value Completed.

How can I achieve this?

Your suggestion will be appreciated.
  • January 05, 2016
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