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Hello, I want to know if it's possible to create a validation rule to let a number field be created only in a consecutive order
Example: (001 to 100)
PreImpreso 001
PreImpreso 002
If I try to enter 004 and 003 it was not entered yet, I get the error "number isn't going in consecutive order"

Hello everybody,

     I would like to know how do you check the value of a checkbox (isDone__c), whether it is true or false.
     I have tried this: if(isDone__c)  and I am getting the following error: Condition expression must be of type Boolean.

Thanks for any help,

I have a 2 dropdowns. Depending on what is chosen in these 2 dropdowns determines what value will display in a 3rd dropdown.


How do I accomplish this in the fields area?


I also need to be able to override the formula manually on a limited basis.


Thanks in advance!