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I had the problem with an existing DE, so I created a playground, re-did the new process builder criteria and got the same error when I checked: DWVTQKOQ
We are using standard case and solutions object which is used by the full license users.

However we have a custom case and  custom solution object, which is synchronized between the standard case and solution object using trigger on the standard case and solution..( custom case & solution object functionality was built for field tech's as we cannot afford the full license for every tech)

Challenge is synchronizing the standard case-solution junction object with custom case-solution junction object, as we cannot write a trigger on the junction object..(Is salesforce planning to introduce this functionality any time soon)

So we are planning to override the solution search page with vf page, in order to capture the select and delete of a solution on a case, should we override the "select" and " delete" links on the solution object..

Any other suggestions or solutions for this scenario...

Hi, all-


Does anyone have code already written to populate a field with the count of the number of records in a particular related list on a custom object?  I've never created an Apex trigger, but I'm hoping this one would be pretty basic to deploy.


(A roll-up summary field doesn't work for me in this case, since the two objects I'm concerned with do not have a parent-child relationship.)


Thanks in advance!