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I've been having a tough time getting the unmanaged package to install in a Playground, so I'm using my DE org for the superbadge work.  How do you get around having only 2 licenses in a DE org and create the multiple users needed in the exercises>  I find myself enabling/disabling users just to get through the steps of assigning Permission Sets, for example, and I'm thinking I'll hit a roadblock soon.  Thanks.
I'm struggling with the custom lightning component on this part. I don't have much background coding and am having trouble finding resources to help me achieve coding the lightning component. If someone could help give me some framework code to create a custom lightning component to hold a URL or direct me to a resource that help break this down I'd be very appreciative.
I am facing another issue on this superbadge, specifically in Challenge #10, i am getting the following error:
The Campaign Influence Lightning report must have the correct 1. Aggregate, 2. Columns, 3. Groupings, and 4. Filter.

The requirements have no mention about what fields, groupings, filters, aggregates to include in the report. What am I missing?