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I'm trying to generate a C# class based on the latest partner WSDL (v43), but it doesn't work.
This exact process worked great with prior WSDL versions.
I'm getting the following error:
Error: Unable to import binding 'SoapBinding' from namespace 'urn:partner.soap.sforce.com'.
  - Unable to import operation 'describeSObject'.
  - The datatype 'urn:partner.soap.sforce.com:AdditionalInformationMap' is missing.
With Spring '17 release I'm now receiving only API names of picklist values instead of picklist value labels. To reproduce, make sure that labels and api names of your picklist values are different and make a data export containing that picklist. You'll see that only api names of the picklist values will come through. This is also true for any other API integration.
Is there a known issue for this that I could follow?
Is there a way to work with Desk.com using SOAP API?
It's built on force.com, so theoretically it should work exactly like in case with salesforce.
But when I try to log in at go to https://login.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/35.0 with desk.com credentials - it doesn't work
Besides, I couldn't find a way in Desk.com to generate a security token that is required for SOAP API login.
What am I missing?
I found out that the file storage for attachments reached 95%. When I talked to users, they want to keep all the files for compliance puporse.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can mass download (15000) files from attachments and store in local share drive.

I can write code, do not have approval to buy anything


Is this possible and, if so, how? Any advice would be much appreciated. I am trying to avoid the VF route because the rich text fields have more flexibility with the pictures. However, most of my clients show up with 1000+ pictures that need to be associated with a custom object in my app and I need to mass upload. 



I can easily bulk load INSERT into a junction object without issues.

However, I want to (UPSERT) with the Bulk API 2.0, into a many-to-many JUNCTION object (Custom object with 2 master detail records).

However, it appears that I need to use a externalIdFieldName that is WITHIN the JUNCTION object.  It doesn't sound like I can use the Master Detail record references.

What are some suggestions on how to upsert into a junction object using the Bulk Api 2.0?

Some thoughts or work-arounds that are not good are:
1. Create a new field on the JUNCTION object that is an External ID, and is simply a concatonated STRING from both of the "External ID"s from the other two objects
2. First download all the ID's for the Master records on both sides of the many-to-many Junction object, and then use those to "upsert" if needed.

Any help is apprecitaed, Salesforce documentation on the Bulk Api 2.0 is lacking and misses any notes about JUNCTION objects.