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I am developing lightning Component for Live Agent to use in Community pages.
I followed help document mentioned here 

 Use the Aura method getLiveAgentSettings() to grab the settings that you want to use: liveAgentButtonId, liveAgentDeploymentId, chatbotAvatarImgURL, avatarImgURL.

I am unable to get the settings and not sure which button Id to define in this code snippet. I tried with live agent chat button and 
  // The ID of the Live Agent button for which you want to customize your pre-chat fields
    var ANONYMOUS_BUTTON_ID = "(your button id here)";

       // Fetch the ID of the Live Agent button currently in use
       var buttonId = cmp.find("settingsAPI").getLiveAgentSettings().liveAgentButtonId;

Has anyone used this in the lightning components and in Community pages?
I use StandardController save method to save record like stdController.save();. 
My page has button to do async call (implemented using Queueable)  that updates 4 fields of that record. 
When user initiates action to invoke async method, system displays message with a way for user to refresh the fields and these fields are not editable.

It is not manadatory for user to refresh the data, and he may continue to edit the record and save.

As I use StandardController save method, and these fileds are present on page, and there is no method availabe to remove fields before save,
it is overwriting page data.

My requirement is, if Async call is completed, retain that data, and don't let page data to overwrite.

I don't want to write custom save method, but prevent overwriting.
Is there any way to indicate or remove fields from standardController before save, 
As addfileds method is present, I am looking for removefield method before save.

I am using <chatter:feed tag in a visualforce page to show chatter group feeds. In production Search box and show drop down list overlapping. This
is related one of the major developement and its is effecting lage set of users.
User-added image



I have created a email template and added site's custom web address as {!Site.TopLevelDomain}.


This email template is used to send email alert through a workflow.


This workflow will get fired as a result of some custom action(field update) through website.


I am receiving the email but without the custom web address of the website.


I have tried with some other fields like {!Site.UrlPathPrefix}, {!Site.Subdomain}

but it doesn't display any thing within email template as a result of these fields.


For the time being i have hard coded this url within the email template. But I want to remove this hard coded url.


Is there any thing else which need to be provided?

If any one have any idea please tell me.