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I am having problems with assigning Licenses and Profiles in this challenge. I noticed that after I made the User Shinej Tashi (I started at the bottom of the list), I did not have the option to use the Salesforce License again. Without that License, I can't assign Users to the requred Profiles to complete this challenge.
For instance, I can't Assign Erin Donaghue to the Custom: Sales Profile because she can't be assigned to the Salesforce License. There is the option to use the Salesforce Platform License, but it only gives me one option for Profile: Standard Platform User. 
I made sure that the profile that are not supposed to be active have the Active box unchecked. I used my email for the Email field as instructed and used the formula to create their username and nickname.

How do I get around the License part of this challenge? 

Thank you!

I am not able to create the user settings for Lincoln Ulrich properly.
When I create a new user for him and try to choose a profile, I can not see the Standard User Profile. I clicked through all the licences, however there is no Standard User Profile available.
The marketing button is also not editable to me.

Thanks in advance!