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                         for(i=0;i< myJSON.length;i++){                     
                        var OSRmultiPolyG = myJSON[i].MultiPolygon__c;
                     // I can see polygon because of this below line.  
                      L.multiPolygon(JSON.parse(OSRmultiPolyG), {fillColor: myJSON[i].Fill__c, color: 'black', fillOpacity: 0.9}).addTo(map);
                        alert('remove Polygon Code will be written hear');


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Hi all ,
I am confused with when exactly do we use an indirect lookup, a lookup and an external lookup relationship. Why cant we use just a lookup relationship for every case.

I am creating a demo for an interview and I have to create custom fields for Accounts, Contacts and Opps, 2 fields per object.

1 of the 6 custom fields has to be a Lookup Relationshop. I know how to do this technically, however when I do it I find it redundant since in the Lookup relaitonship I have to chose a standard object and all standard objects seem to already be linked. Am I missing something.

For example, I can create a custom Lookup relationship field in Opportunity and pick a Contact. But there is already standard functionality that does that.

Please advise
Dear All,

I would like to retrive data with the help of Lookup Relationship Field

1) I have Account Object---Account__c and created a Lookup field: Maincontact__c (lookup name is Maincontact__c)
2) Lookup value object is Contact : Contact__c and here we have child object for contact is Country: Country__c
3) here my question is i would like to Select the fields from Account, Contact and Country
Note: Account and Contact having only lookup relationship there is no parent and child relationship for Account and Contacts here

Can some one let me know how to retrive data based on my requirement.


55) Object X has a lookup to Object Y. What among the following statements are TRUE Please choose two (2). Please choose two (2).

  • a) Fields of both X and Y are accessible from Object Y.
  • b) Fields of Object Y can be accessed from Object X.
  • c) Fields of both Y and X are accessible from Object X.
  • d) Fields of Object X can be accessed from Object Y.

Ans: b,c


Any body explain this scenario