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I have written a visual force page and the controller to support a new custom object.  The custom object is deployed and I can create rows by using the built-in tab.


When I access the visual force page, I receive no errors and the page displays correctly.  When I look at the debug log, I see successful dml insert/update statements, and can retrieve the object via SOQL.  I have put a debug on the retrieved record and it has an ID and all other fields are set to their initial values.  As far as I can see from the debug log, everything looks successful.


15:25:34.58 (704508000)|USER_DEBUG|[11,4]|DEBUG|ReportStats__c:{Month__c=8, WonCount__c=0, RecordTypeId=012Q00000000FW2IAM, TotalInstallWon__c=0.00, AvgInstall__c=0.00, Count__c=0, Year__c=2010, Closed__c=0, OppCount__c=0, TotalInstall__c=0.00, TotalRMRWon__c=0.00, AvgInstallWon__c=0.00, AvgRMRWon__c=0.00, Id=a12Q00000004moUIAQ, TotalRMR__c=0.00, AvgRMR__c=0.00}


The problem is when I return to the tab for the object, the new records don't exist. 


If I use the ID from the debug log HTTPS://sf.com/a12Q00000004moUIAQ I get "Data Not Available"



System.debug([select id from ReportStats__c ALL ROWS ]); 

 Running the above command from the system log, only returns the objects that I manually created.


The standard name field on the object is auto-incrementing.


If I manually create another record, the name will have increased by the number of records that should have been created by the page.


I have taken every troubleshooting step I can think of, so any ideas on how I could identify the problem would be greatly appreciated.