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I see that SF auto update the close date every time I change(not rename) the account of opportunity, why?? Does it normal for SF ?


For example:

I have opportunity with:

won = true

closedate = 01 jan 2010

stagename = close/won


today 21 may 2010 if I change(not rename) account of the opportunity , because I check that is wrong, and I save the opportunity the results will be:


won = true

closedate = 21 may 2010

stagename = close/won


I have no worfkflow or trigger active, that do this change of closedate.


I think it is a bug of salesforce.


Another bug is that in 21 may 2010, if I change account of the opportunity some workflow will be fired again. This workflow that will be fired doesn't have any criteria linked to the change of account!!