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Deployment: LogoVersion can't be specified without Logo.
I am deploying a change set from a staging sandbox to production and i am getting the error below.
I have done 3 deployment from 3 test platforms without issues then this when moving from stage to prod.

This is a Lightning app error i guess. Any assistance 
Error LogoVersion can't be specified without Logo.
I have an Apex method which creates a new record in Xero (accounting software).

I am trying to make the Invokable so I can use process builder to create a new Xero record when an account is created in Salesforce.

I am getting the 'You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or rollback before calling out'

I kind of understand the reason for the error, I can't have a callout after a DML operation, but I'm unsure how to resolve it. How can I get process builder to do the callout before the DML operation when thats the trigger for the Apex to run.