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I signed up for two developer editions about three months ago but today I received notification that it is about to expire.

Where can I find out the date?  It is well past thirty days, and I have a number of boxes but one tied to this email (where the message originated), so can I find out how to get the date?


- Mike

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Hey all,

I've been looking for a solution to this and cannot seem to find anything to accomplish what I am trying to do.  I'm trying to update a Parent in the Case object and change the status to Completed only after all child cases and related cases have been closed. (We use a record type called Master Case in the case Object and create addtional case record types for various tasks for different teams. These tasks can include other cases in the case object or other Custom Objects)  

We're trying to update the Parent case status when all the related cases and objects are completed.    

I found the following code but we're not using the milestone feature at this time: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000As65IAC




Can someone help, I keep getting the error:

System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0 with id 00oS0000000AOgYIAW; first error: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE, cannot specify Id in an insert call: [Id]


But I am pretty sure that there is no Id specified in my insert call.

Here is my code:



public PageReference save() { List<OpportunityLineItemSchedule> revenueSchedulesToUpdate = new List<OpportunityLineItemSchedule>(); List<OpportunityLineItemSchedule> revenueSchedulesToInsert = new List<OpportunityLineItemSchedule>(); for(revenueSchedulesDate revenueSchedulesDate:revenueSchedulesDates){ for(OpportunityLineItemSchedule revenueSchedule:revenueSchedulesDate.getRevenueSchedules()){ if(revenueSchedule.get('Id') == null) revenueSchedulesToInsert.add(revenueSchedule); else revenueSchedulesToUpdate.add(revenueSchedule); } if(revenueSchedulesToUpdate.size() > 0) update revenueSchedulesToUpdate; if(revenueSchedulesToInsert.size() > 0) insert revenueSchedulesToInsert; } return Page.revenueScheduleView2; }