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Hi Fellow Learners,  

I am stuck with this challenge and need your help,Under "Community rollout strategy--Create Sharing Rules" section  I am not able to get to SHARING SETS, 

When I follow the steps 1 to 4 , I am taken back to the screen where the "ENABLE CUSTOMER PORTAL" is not yet enabled, and I still dont see any SHARING SETS as a related list.,

1.From Setup, enter Customer Portal Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Customer Portal Settings.
2.Click Edit and select Enable Customer Portal.
3.Click Save and Continue.
4.Exit the wizard (click Cancel).
5.In the Sharing Sets related list, click New.  -- I dont see a "NEW' button, Your response is much apprecitated,
Hi ,

I try to create Employee community on my developer Org likewise Customer Community, But I did get any ways to go ahead.

Please help me to create Employee community on my Developer Org for POC.

I got this error when i use salesforce connect offline 2.0.