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I am trying to fetching my force.com site domain I have created. Gone through lot of internet contents but find no where a solution to fetch the complete Domain/Default site url. Possible is to query urlPathPrefix and salesforce.com domain, but not the complete force.com domain I have created.

for example: ***-developer-edition.ap2.force.com

could be fetched properly!
I have several contact record types.  When I create a new contact, I select the record type and fill out the information.  When I save the contact, the record type automatically changes to "volunteer" (one of the record types available).  I was not around when salesfore was being set up for my organization and am new to the platform, but I have gone through the workflows and cannot seem to find anything that is triggering the change.  Hoping that someone could help point me to where in the debug logs I should look for the change or what I could do to fix the problem.  Thanks!