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1) Which requirement needs to be implemented by using standard workflow instead of Process Builder?
   Choose 2 answers
A.   Create activities at multiple intervals.
B.   Send an outbound message without Apex code.
C.   Copy an account address to its contacts.
D.   Submit a contract for approval.

2)  How can a developer refer to, or instantiate, a PageReference in Apex?
      Choose 2 answers
   A. By using a PageReference with a partial or full URL.
   B. By using the Page object and a Visualforce page name.
   C. By using the ApexPages.Page() method with  a  Visualforce page  name.
   D. By using the PageReference.Page() method with  a  partial  or  full URL.

3)  A developer has a single custom controller class that works with a Visualforce Wizard to support creating and editing multiple sObjects. 
  The wizard accepts data from user inputs across multiple Visualforce pages and from a parameter on the initial URL
   Which statement is unnecessary inside the unit test for the custom controller?

A. public ExtendedController(ApexPages.StandardController cntrl) { )
B. ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters() put(input', 'TestValue).
C.  Test.setCurrentPage(pageRef),
D.  String nextPage = controller.save().getUrl();

4)  Which statement about the Lookup Relationship between a Custom Object and a Standard Object is correct?

A.  The Lookup Relationship on the Custom Object can prevent the deletion of the Standard Object.
C.   The Custom Object will be deleted when the referenced Standard Object is delete