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I have setup the SSO settings in My salesforce org and created app (with Federation ID)in okta and provided access to a user.Now I am able to redirect to salesforce org from okta through that app.But the vice versa I want to do.Can anyone please provide me any idea or steps what to do to achieve the same... Thanks
The chatter feed is for internal user only. Therefore, I am not allowed to select “All with access” in the chatter feed. An error message will be display if I select “All with access”
I can view the task information in chatter feed upon clicking on the message and at most 20 messages within 90 days of creation of the message
How to restrict number of tabs to open for a particular profile
How to restrict number of tabs to open for a particular profile.Requirement is to limit the number of tabs to be opened at a time as 10.If more will be opened ,it will show an error message"Please close the tabs not being used"??
I can edit the clone case if I am the case owner. How to achieve this using validation rule or Trigger? ..please help
 Actually I have checked Modify All Data to check some scenario and unchecked it after that but the View All Permission still stayed there.. And when I am tried to uncheck "Edit Case Comment" permission on User permissions..its showed set of profile setting errors..Then I unchecked the View All permission for the same profile and this problem got resolved and I could uncheck "Edit Case Comment" ,but I am still not able to restrict this profile from Edit,delete any CaseComment for different user r for the same user.. Please help.. Thanks
Once I save the Case comment(Related List of Case Object), I am unable to edit/delete it.

..Please Help..Thanks
a) Numeric only and
b) Max 18 numbers can be input
a) ',' must Not exist (comma)
b) ';' must Not exist (semi colon)
c) '.' must exist (full stop)
d) @ must exist and exist only once.
e) length must >= 5
f) ' ' must Not exist (space)
g) no Chinese
h) after @, only allows letter, numbers, dash [-] (e.g. bu404024@hkpucc_pou.hk will be treated as invalid input)
i) do not allow punctuation marks at the END of email address ( e.g. fung@manulife.com`` )
j) characters must exists before @ 
I have a lookup relationship between two objects(Account and Quote__c).I need to show a field(which is a formula field of returning Date time as "service Time" in the Quote__c object) in the parent object(Account) from the child object (Quote__c) in which this current field is present .A Account can have multiple Quotes.So In Parent Acccount I need to show the oldest service time among all Service times present in Quote__c.How to achieve this?.. Thanks
Hi All,
I have a requirement to create objects for Quote__c object(In lookup relationship with Account object) after clicking on a custom button present on the Quote section related list of Account page .Then according to the no. of products choosen from two multi select picklists present on Account object and redirect to the same Account detail record page.Please find my below code:
VF page:
<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="PCSReferToMetGAController">
 <apex:form >
 <apex:pageblock title="Refer To MetGA">
<apex:pageblockSection columns="1" >
 <apex:inputField value="{!Account.PCS_Personal_Line_Products__c}"/><br/>

 <!-- <apex:outputLabel >Personal Line Products:</apex:outputLabel>
                 <apex:selectList value="{!Selectedpersonal}" multiselect="true" size="3">
                    <apex:selectOptions value="{!SelectedPersonal}"/>
                     </apex:selectList> -->
  <apex:inputField value="{!Account.PCS_Commercial_Line_Products__c}"/>
 <apex:pageBlockButtons >
 <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Save"/>

Apex Controller class:
public with sharing class PCSReferToMetGAController
public Account acc{get;set;}
public Apexpages.StandardController accController;
public String selectedPersonal{get;set;}
public String selectedCommercial{get;set;}
String aid{get;set;}

list<quote__c> qcList =new list<quote__c>();

list<quote__c> qpList =new list<quote__c>();
    public PCSReferToMetGAController(ApexPages.StandardController controller) 
        System.debug('Account Id ****'+acc.Id);
     public void savePersonal()
    system.debug('******Starting elements are:');
    String[] s1;
        List<String> plist=new List<String>();
    for(String s:s1)
     system.debug('******pList elements are:'+pList);
    for(String i:pList)
    Quote__c q1=new Quote__c();
    insert qpList;
    public void saveCommercial()
    String[] s2;
    List<String> cList=new List<String>();
    for(String c:s2)
     for(String i:cList)
    Quote__c q1=new Quote__c();
    insert qclist;

    public pagereference save()
    PCSReferToMetGAController p1=new PCSReferToMetGAController();
        System.debug('Account Id ****'+acc.Id);
        PageReference pg = new PageReference('/'+acc.id);
        return pg;

Please find the above and let me know how to call the two methods from the save() ? ..thanks
How to send id of parent object to child object(or Lookup relationship field) through custom button present in related list section of child object
How to save multi select picklist values present in my VF page in multi select list field of standard object?
How to redirect a custom button after clicking to a Recordtype pagelayout..what should be written in the URL section and how to use the recordtype ID there? ..Thanks
creating custom Save & New button salesforce using javascript
I need to create a view as My Unread Accounts.As we know In standard functionality for Lead we have UnreadBy Owner view is present.Can anyone tell me how to achieve the same for Account Object? ...Thanks
What must a developer consider when using webservice keyword?(Multiple answer possible)
a)Keyword static must be present
b)Methods cannot take some parameters.
c)All methods and variables must be global
d)Webservice can return Map or Set type.
What is non deterministic for SOQL?
a)Field that referes both number and text.
b)Field that refers picklist
c)Field that refers text field on a parent object
d)Field that uses TODAY()
Once I save the Case comment(Related List of Case Object), I am unable to edit/delete it.

..Please Help..Thanks
Can we update a field of parent object by using workflow rule?