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 These document types for attachments were working on the 2nd of February when testing was completed but it looks like the Spring 17 Release on 11/2/17 may have upgraded or changed the coding and functionality so that document types are no longer recognised from this integrations. Even the records which were of the correct document type on the 2nd are no longer recognised by salesforce. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Has anyone got any information or guidelines we can suggest to formassembly which will enable the data to now transfer correctly to salesforce?

 And ideally enable salesforce to recognise all the attachments which already exist in salesforce?


Cvent can't map to Organisation name (Contact object) because although salesforce has it as a required field it needs to be left blank to create households. Is there any coding we can put in cvent coding which would allow the household to still be created or at least not be touched with thsi integration?

The Other compulsor field which is giving us grief is the Company fielfd in the Lead object. We don't use leads and do not want to use them for thsi integration but as a compulsort field we need to map it. We don't want this mapping to overriide the household field (Organisation name) and woudl like a suggestion how we could unlink the lead onbject altogether or map the Company field in the lead object to something that won't interfere with our customised version of salesforce?