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I am trying to delete almost 1400 stale reports in our salesforce org. The business wants me to add a note to the title of the report that it is slated for deletion. Most report titles don't have the available space to add a meaningful note, plus there are 1400 of them.  I am hoping that I could add a banner to each report marked for deletion and am thinking that would have to be Visualforce. Not sure how I would trigger the banner. Maybe based on the folder? We are going to move all of these reports to a Slated for Deletion folder. Is this possible? Is there an easier way?
Hello Anyone, I continue to receive this message>

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
It doesn't appear that your street has been set to '123 Secret Street'.

I've created a new playgroud twice and double checked my work repeatedly for the company and personal setting; in both Lightning and Classic.  I'm out of ideas.

I have a custom object but I'm using a layout generated page as opposed to a custom vforce page.  I want to add a bold, red line of text across the top of the page and I'm simply trying to avoid having to write a vforce page just to do this.  Any tips?