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I want to create menu in visual force and also want to add the event to get information of clicked menu item.
Please feel free to reply for any more information.
I need help on to get the ContentDocument Id from my apex class/TRIGGER and my scenario is as below:
1) I have created document using ContentVersion - but here the owner is Guest user (this is created in Salesforce as a separate site user)
2) Document is created successfully, and now I want to link this with my object
3) But when I am trying to access document Id from ContentVersion using SOQL (from apex class and Trigger) I did not get any rows.
Can anyone help me which is exact location to fire query to link the document with object (I know about object Id should have to assign to "LinkedId" of ContentDocumentLink)
Feel free to get back to me if you need any additional information.
Thank you,
First I created Lead from existing contact and then I am trying to convert that Lead to an Opportunity (using existing "Convert" option from Salesforce.

We have used our work flow to create a Lead from an existing contact and using same lead we convert it to Opportunity
In the existing workflow we verify if the lead is created from existing contact then we will ask to select the account information and there source and AUM Amount info and that basis we create a new Lead for that contact.
So that we select Lead instead of selecting contact

Also in addition converting Lead to Opportunity is wokring as expected in my Sandbox account but not in Porduction. Something I missed to deploy in Prod and I am trying to find out what I missed ?

Please let me know if you need any other information from my end

Please suggest.