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I am unable to successfully login using the Salesforce DX CLI. I have tried numerous techniques, all to no avail. In am on Windows 10 utilizing the latest version of the CLI from Powershell and Google Chrome as my web browser.

As a side note, the "sfdx update" command works successfully.

Technique 1. When logging in using what is supposed to be the easiest approach by using force:auth:web:login, the CLI opens a web browser. Once I enter my credentials, the OAuth flow calls back into localhost:1717, but apparently the CLI isn't listening. Chrome complains with an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and no response payload. Command line indicates "Unable to verify the first certificate." Turning on logging (even at the trace level) does not reveal any additional information.

Technique 2. I created a self-signed certificate using openssl along with a new connected app. Then using the CLI, I utilized the force:auth:jwt:grant function. This failed with the same error message as above: "Unable to verify the first certificate."

Technique 3. I disabled SSL verification and strict SSL in npm and forced the CLI to go through Fiddler. I then configured Fiddler to ignore certificate errors. Still, neither one of the above techniques worked after this.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?