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I got a job offer as a Salesforce programmer with training from the beginner. The complany said that I must sign a loyalty agreement for 20 months because of the training costs.

After a year I have to change the city to another. The company has a branch in this city, but there is no one who is programming in Salesforce. I would be the first person. I would work remotely with the rest of the team from another city (for example London --- Manchester).

I have to change the city after a year for family reasons and I would not want to wait 20 months before the loyalty agreement ends.
So I have a question for experienced people.
Is it possible to work remotely after a year studying of Salesforce from newbe?
Projects are short-term - 1-2 months. Mainly Salesforce Lightning.
The company assured me that after a year I could change the city and work remotely with the rest of the team.
However, I would like to ask someone who has experience in short-term projects. 

Is it possible?

Thanks you in advance for your answer.