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I am getting below error:

Error: javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Proceudure: In this button emails are sending with 6 attachment when we are running page direclty form developer consoler i rceived all attahmetn in email but from public site i am receving above error and not received any attachment.3  pdf is from  creating vf pages and 3 is from attachment . I have which addition permission for visiblity.
Please provide me solution.

How to create check boxes in word doc/pdf in conga composer?

I don't want to dispaly value of checkbox ,shoud be dispaly as checkbox .


Please let me know how can calculate case age from business hours and want to exclude weekdays? 

Age should be calculate when case is open also and till case close it shoulb be calculated.


Hello , 

How can i display all accounts address  in single map in visual force page using custom controller? 

Thanks in advance.


Hello Everyone, 

Please let me know how to open a visual force page in new tab in lightning instead of same tab.



Hello Everyone, 

I created a approval process and 2 users are assigned for approved the request .After appove the request from user  ,other profile user are getting notification after approved the request. 

how to stop that email notification.

Hello All

Please tell me correct answers of below question :

Ques:1  A developer needs to display all the available field for an object.
In which two ways can the developer retrieve the available fields if the variable myObject represents name of the object.

Choose 2 answers
Use myObject.sObjectType.getDescribe().fieldSet() to return a set of fields
Use SObjectType.myObject.fields.getMap() to return a map of fields
Use Schema.describeSObjects( new string[][myObject])[0].fields.getMap() to return a map of fields
Use getGlobalDescribe().get(myObject).getDescribe().fields.getMap() to return a map of fields

Ques2: What are the two features of Heroku connect?
Choose 2 answers
Near real time sync between Heroku postgres and Salesforce
Bidirectional syncs, allowing data to be written into salesforce(right)
Realtime sync between salesforce and postgres
Displaying data from an external data store vs external objects

 Thanks in advance.

What are two considerations for deciding to use a roll-up summary field?
Choose 2 answers

Roll-up summary field can be performed on formula fields, but if their formula contains an #error result, it may affect the summary value.
Roll-up cannot be performed on formula field
Roll-up summary field do not cause validation rules on the parent object unless that object is edited separately.
Roll-up cannot be performed on formula fields that use cross-object references or on-the-fly calculations such as NOW()


Please tell me correct ans.

Which three declarative fields are correctly mapped to variable types in Apex?
Choose 3 answers
TextArea maps to List of type String
Number maps to Integer
Checkbox maps to Boolean
Date/Time maps to Datetime
Number maps to Decimal

please tell me correct answer.
What are two uses for External IDs?
Choose 2 answers
To create a record in a development environment with the same Salesforce ID as in another environment.
To prevent an import from creating duplicate records using Upsert.
To create relationships between records imported from an external system.
To identify the sObject type in Salesforce.
Please let me know the correct answer.

A developer created a Lightning Component to display a short text summary for an object and wants to use it with multiple Apex classes.
How should the developer design the Apex classes?

Extend each class from the same base class that has a method getTextSummary() that returns the summary.
Have each class define method getTextSummary() that returns the summary.
Have each class define method getObject() that returns the sObject that is controlled by the Apex class.
Have each class implement an interface that defines method getTextSummary() that returns the summary.


Please let me know which is correct answer form above.

A Visualforce page is written with the following controller and extensions.
<apex:page standardController=”Account” extensions=”myExtension”>
<apex:inputField value =”(!account.name)”/><p/>
<apex:commandButton value =”Save” action=”(!save)”/>
The extension class myExtension has a public save() method.
Which save method or methods will be used by the Visualforce page?


Ans: the save method from the standardController
both – myExtension first, then the standardControllermeet
the save method from the controller extension
both – the standardController first, then myExtension

please let me know correct answer.

Hello All,

Please guide me for  PD1 certification., How to prepare for it?

Thanks in advance.


Ques: Which type of controller should a developer use to include a list of related records for a custom object record on a visualforce page without needing additional test coverage?

Standard Controller
List Controller
Controller Extension
Custom Controller

Ques: Universal container (UC) has integration with its accounting system that creates ten thousand of orders inside salesforce in a nightly batch. UC wants to add automation that can attempt to match leads and contacts to these orders using email address field on the insert. UC is concerned about the performance of the automation with large data volume.

Which tool should UC use to automate this process?

Ans: Workflow rules
Process builder with an autolunached flow
Process Builder.

Please tell me correct answer.

How to hide Approve and Reject button of approval process for particular profile?

It should only show to assigned approvar only.


My query is if case is genrated from Email then that case should be assigned to logged in user instead of default case owner that is defined in support setting. 


My query is if case is genrated from Email then that case should be assigned to logged in user instead of default case owner that is defined in support setting.