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Consider the case:
public with sharing class containerClass {
 public class innerClass {
I know that the innerClass does not inherit the sharing setting of the containerClass and [without sharing] is the default for the inner class. Then what is the use of specifying with sharing in the container class.                                        


I am facing problem in understanding merge fields with custom relationships. Could I get some examples using custom relationship(to access parent from child) along with standard objects to get a better understanding? 

Thanks in advance!!

When to use formula field and when to use roll up summary for accessing values from other salesforce objects? Or performing some operations on related objects.
What are the required fields to be added for creating the most commonly used salesforce objects(In Platform Developer I). So that I can know which apex code can generate errors(in case when value is not added for required field)?
What are the most commonly used objects in salesforce about which I should know for completing the Platform Developer I certification exam? How are they related to each other?
Hey All,
Just a small question, Why is it recommended to avoid using "seeAllData" in the Test classes?

Thanks in advance.