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I cannot for the life of me find how to add a button to the contact layout for connecting contacts. I am working on a Trailhead called Connect Contacts Using Relationships, which illustrates a tab on the layout called Related, can't seem to find that to add to the layout. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have a Process Builder process to send a renewal email if certain fields contain specific field values and the renewal date equals today minus 30 days (I have a formula field that calculates that). My problem is this. The process will only trigger when the records are updated. What I need to happen then is for the record to auto-update to trigger the process builder process. I have a picklist field that is part of the Process Builder process. That picklist field values are True/False. So as part of the Process field values used in the Process if that field is False, the email sends. This works fine and the email sends. But as mentioned this will only happen if I update the record manually, but this isn't what I need. I need the record to update automatically so the process will send the email automatically. Is there a way to update the record automatically to trigger the process?