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I have read as many thread about this as I can without resolving the issue. The directions specifically state the range of Stage for the Y axis is from Qualification to Closed Won. You can modify the right side of the range with Maximum Groups Displayed = 9. There doesn't seem to be a way the eliminate the Stage= Prospecting in front of Qualification without modifying the report first. 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'SolarBot Pipeline by Stage' component doesn't display data in the correct format or doesn't show both side-by-side bars correctly.
Close errors

I have set up the chart as follows:
Report = SolarBot Loyalty Revenue
Type = Verticle Bar Chart
X-Axis = Stage
Y-Axis = Sum Expected Revenue; Adjusted Expected Revenue
Unit= Thousands
Sort Rows= Label Descending
Maximum Rows Displayed = 9
I have tried it with both Light and Dark Themes.

Any ideas