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Hi There,

I was given a Live Agent free trial to test before we sign a contract and implement in our website. 
I have not been able to test the live as I haven't been able to set up the test.  I was told that the snap-in code is applicable if I was setting up my Community. However, since it's a third party website that I am trying to integrate with Live agent, I have been asked to contact the salesforce development team for assistance. 

Could you please let me know how can ai setup the free trial so I can test it? 

Hi there,

We were given a free trial to test the Live Agent in order to decide if we wanted to go ahead with the implementation. Unfortunately we haven't been able to set up the free trial as it seems we require salesforce developers help to do this. 
We have our own customised website and our developer needs a snapin code in order to implement it in our site.

Could you please asssit us getting the snapin code required for testing?

This was the answer we got from the salesforce help centre: 

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for your time taking my call. As we discussed, you were given a free trial for our Live Agent. You wanted to integrate our Live Agent to your own website and your Developer Website asking for Snapin code for testing. I was able to assist you on how to generate a Snapin code if you will be using a Community.

Since this is an integration setup, you need to get in touch with our Developer Team, however they are only available to Premier Plan. Good thing is we do have a Developer Forum that might help by visiting these links: