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Hi Team,
I got one question from the interviewer that:
I have two users I want to show A user half of the fields of XYZ object and B wants to show remaining fields in the aura component, how we can achieve this.
Hi Team,
I Am Creating a Customer Community, We need to set up some Trail User Licenses for Customer Communities in the Partial copy sandbox.
But not getting how to create these?

What is the meaning of the below line?
cant understand execution
RestRequest request = new RestRequest();         request.requestUri = URL.getOrgDomainUrl().toExternalForm() + '/services/apexrest/api/v1/party/';
Hi, I want to fetch data from 4 custom objects to one VF page, how it can be achieved using one controller class. if any example is there it would be very helpful.
Hi, I am Yogesh Lolge, I want to make page block table as fit to page as when I am using 9 columns in the table it's going out of the margin of a page, is it possible
I want to add backgroud color and change fot of pageblock title <apex:pageBlock title="Promoter/Group Overview" >
can anyone guide. as its nto accepting div class for formating.