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How can we use multiple picklists with order.
I wanna use multiple picklists and its order, but cannot find the box to decide the order.

Can anyone get some information about multiple picklists like the attachment?
User-added image
I tried to select values from global picklist values.

But only 100 values can be selected...
How can we extend the numbers of selected global picklist values?
How can we upload pdf file to file object using apex?

Below is what I got from other website, but there is no folder name, so how can we identify folder name?
Also, I wanna know how to get parentId.
String jsonStr = '<Base64 String>';
Attachment attach = new Attachment();
attach.contentType = 'application/pdf';
attach.name = 'myfile.pdf';
attach.parentId = '0010H00002DW2Ds';
attach.body = EncodingUtil.base64Decode(jsonStr);
insert attach;

Additionally, below is another code that I got to upload file.
ContentVersion imageData;
List<String> imageContent;
imageContent = getImgdata();
imageData = new ContentVersion();
imageData.ContentLocation = 'S';
imageData.PathOnClient = 'sampleData.png';
imageData.Title = imageContent[0];
imageData.VersionData = EncodingUtil.base64Decode(imageContent[1]);
insert imageData;

What is the differencen between first sample and second sample to upload file?
Thank you in advance.

How can we make inline edit form features for relational record in the lightning datatable?
Below is the current code, and I would like to you to correct this code to achive inline edit for relational reocrd.

<lightning:datatable columns="{!v.columns}"

var columns = [
            {label:'product code', fieldName:'prod_code', type:'STRING', editable:true},
            {label:'product name', fieldName:'prod_name', type:'STRING'}, editable:true},
            {label:'employee name', fieldName:'emp_name', type:'url', editable:true, typeAttributes:{label:{fieldName: "emp_name"}}}
//please assume that employee name is the relational record with a parent object.
//and other two records are the normal records.
component.set("v.columns", columns);

 var data = [
            {prod_code:"001K89", prod_name:"product A", emp_name:{Name:"employee A"}}
component.set("v.data", data);

By this code something like this picture is shown and cannot edit relational record.
User-added image

I would like to make inline edit like attached.

User-added imageThnak you in advance.

I wanna call Javascript when I click the icon of datatable like the attached.
How can we call Javascript from datatable icon?
User-added image
下記画像の赤×をつけた箇所のlightning datatableヘッダー部分を消す方法はありますでしょうか。

User-added image
Does anyone know how to delete the header of lightning datatable, and how to put data parts only?
I would like to make table like the attached image. Red cross parts are supposed to be removed. User-added image
I try to make header and data by multiple lines, but cannnot do it.
Anyone knows how to put multiple lines in header and data of lightning component datatable?
The attached image is what I want to make.
User-added image
画像のように、lightning datatableタグを使ってヘッダーとデータ部分を複数行にしたいのですが、何か良い方法はありますでしょうか。

User-added image