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Good day Developers!  I need your help here.  I am new to Visualforce.
I trying to create an Account summary that looks more professional than the Printable View.  I was able to find out how to add fields, image and also make my page render in PDF.  but were i am struggling is with those two things

- I have fields that I want to show as a table or in colums.
ex:   Broker Name :   Joe Fresh Inc                Broker Code: AP12234
but I can't seem to make it work.

- I am trying to add a Bar Graph with fields included is the account profile.

Any help would be more than appreciated. 
Thank you all in advance
Trying to get a better output of my account tab than the "Printable View"
I would like to Generate pdf from Visualforce and assign it to a action button.  This way by one simple click they will have a client snapshot.