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Hi All,

I'm trying to access the local drives or any local file from salesforce. 

I got the solution for the same, when I logged into salesforce through Google Chrome with the help of an extension named 'Local Explorer'.
I would like to know if there is an extension or any other way for Edge browser to access local files in SF.

Any response would be helpful!

Thanks in advance,

When I convert the opportunity to the project, then the 'Project number' field starts with 'SRM4011000' format. If I convert a single opportunity into many other sub level projects then the 'Sub level project number' field starts with 'SRM4011001' format. and every time a new sub level project is created the 'Sub level project number' will be increased by 1.

Now I have a requirement, to update the field from project to opportunity when the project is created for the first time but not every time the project is created.
Can anyone please help me solve this?

Thanks in advance