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I have read through multiple threads of people suffering from similar problems but cannot seem to find a solution. I have followed the instructions to the letter, read through the advice of some of the contributors on this forum, and have still not been able to get the program to accept the challenge. Regardless of what steps I take which has included deleting and restarting the Residential Opportunities section from scratch, I continually get the same message, "Unwanted fields are still present in the 'Residential Opportunity Page' layout.

Is there any solution to this problem? 

Thank you,

Hello All, Stuck and frustrated... I am working through the Business Admin specialist Superbadge and "believe" that I have it correctly configured, but continue to receive the error message: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Unwanted fields are still present in the 'Residential Opportunity Page' layout.
I have deleted and reconstructed the ResidentalOpportunity Page too many times to count and continue to receive the error. I have been directed to this link: http://blog.skebro.net/business-administration-specialist-superbadge-challenges-4-5-6/
which seems helpful, but I have exactly what is being displayed on their page and continue to receive the error. Below is a screen shot of my page layout, where you can see, Lead Source, Primary Campaign Source, Delivery/Installation Status, Main Competitor(s), Current Generator(s) are not there, but Quantity is. Can anyone provide assistance please?!? Thank youUser-added imageI have even gone so far to delete just about every field on the page and continue to receive the error. Is something besides the page layout incorrect?