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I have created Connected App in Salesfoce and have customized the login screen (changed logo, button css etc., using Visualforce). When user logs in for the first time or logs in from different browser or device, it prompts for 'Verify your identity' (to enter verification code). I know we can customize the option of sending the verification code to mobile or email. But, I would like to customize the 'Verify your Identity' screen like changing the logo, button css etc. I didn't find it under Visualforce Pages. Where is this located and how can the styles be customized?
Is there a way to customize RemoteAccessAuthorizationPage in Salesforce? I know we can bypass it but I would like to customize the font size, style, button color etc., I didn't find it under Visualforce page. Where is it located in Salesforce?          
Hi all,
We created a community and we need users to have the link send when they asked to change a password/forgot password to be active more than one click.
So we checked this checkbox on the profil of our users : "Don't immediately expire links in forgot password emails".
This checkbox generated an intermediate page call "change password interstitial" (ForgotPasswordInterstitial). We need to customize this page so the design fits the one we set in our community. But we can't find it, either in the builder or in the visualforce pages for the community. 
Does someone knows how we can customize this page ?