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I am new to this kind of formula field and I am having issues with this formula not applying the requested values to the different pick list  options on multiple fields:

CASE( Store_in_Prime_Location__c , "Perfect location within strategic plan" ,20, "Good Area outside defined plan",10,0 ) +
CASE( Prepared_to_Relocate__c , "Yes this is the preferred location", 10 ,"Not the Prefered Location see Dealer Review file for further information",0, 0) +
CASE( External_Signage__c , "Average", 5, "Good", 10, "Outstanding" , 15 ,0) +
CASE( Rate_the_Street_Frontage__c , "Mid to small frontage with limited improvement possible", 5, "Mid-range frontage with potential to improve visibility", 10, "Strong Street Presence Clearly visible with high traffic", 15 , "Large Frontage 2 sides highly visible to all traffic" , 20 , 0) +
CASE( How_many_carparks_available__c , "Minimal Car Parking easily accessible", 5, "Ample Car Parks easily accessible", 10,0) +
CASE(Property_Status__c , "Owned", 5, 0)

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I am lost as to where I am going wrong.

i am a newbie to salesforce and trying to complete this trailhead challenge and unable to find a way through apex to generate this method for creating new contacts with unique id. as one requirement to pass the challenge is "The 'generateRandomContacts' method must be capable of consistently generating contacts with unique first names."

If somebody successfully completed the task kindly help me.




We have a 3rd party webserivce that send leads from our site to SF with Lead Owner already assigned based on some coded rules. We now want to add a level of lead assignment above what this can handle, so I wrote a lead assignment rule and have activated it.


The rules seem to be completley ignored as leads are coming in, but work if a lead is edited and saved ticking the "use active assignmnet rules" checkbox. (i.e the lead assignment crieria works, but its not being triggered)


So I thought a trigger to re-run lead assignment directly after a lead has been created would be the only solution, issue is I have no coding experience (aside from one easy update trigger some guys on here helped with!)


Can anyone help? Or if another solution exists that woudl be great too!