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We have certain contacts/accounts that submit cases to us and when a new case is created by one of these contacts, I need to have a trigger add a comment to the case relating to special handling?
Hey everyone,

We were quick to buy into Salesforce Inbox; Perhaps too quick, as now it turns out, after 10 days of correspondence with Salesforce's support team, that emails captured by Einstein Activity Capture are not registered in neither the EmailMessage or Task database, by default.

So, in the existing situation, solely because we have Einstein Activity Capture enabled, even emails we send from within lead records in Salesforce do not get registered at all as EmailMessage or Task objects; This means we cannot set triggers, Apex or Workflow, on incoming or outgoing emails.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Have you found any workaround or solution to this, including using a different app instead of Inbox? We were not aware that Inbox prevents using triggers on emails, and interestingly enough this little piece of information is also nowhere to be found in Inbox's documentation (or at least, I have not been able to find it).