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i had gone through developer guide and other things, i need the a small example what really the metadata is with an example , of simple 
thanks and regards

I need a salesforce developer to help me integrate Salesforce with Boberdoo. I need to be able to send lead information in one of my Salesforce Campaigns to my Boberdoo campaign. I understand this can be accomplished via API, though I do not have the exprerience to do so myself. Successful work will lead to future projects, if interested. 

Thank you



Is there a way we can add a time to now()?


My present time is 4/26/2011 6:43 PM.

I have a text formula as "TEXT(NOW())", but I am getting a result of "2011-04-26 10:43:51Z" which is 8 hours late hence i would like to add 8hours to my formula.


Also, is it possible to format the result exactly the same as "4/26/2011 6:43 PM"?


Thanks a lot.