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We have two checkboxes "Serviced" or "Not Serviced", in which one will be require to be 'true' in order to save AND Only 1 of the 2 checkboxes can be checked.

The rule will only apply to record types "Work Order 1" or "Work Order 2".

I have attempted it two ways, both pass syntax but do not present an error as they should:
$RecordType.Name = "Work Order 1",
$RecordType.Name = "Work Order 2")
(Not_Serviced__c , 1 , 0)+ IF( Serviced__c, 1 , 0) < 1))


$RecordType.Name = "Work Order 1",
$RecordType.Name = "Work Order 2",
Not_Serviced__c ,  Serviced__c

Your help is very appreciated.

I have a formula text field that looks up the Account_Owner_Role__c (text) from the Account record. 

I now need the formula to populate only if a text field on the Account contains "Hunter" 

This is what I've tried:

TEXT(Sales_Role__c)='Hunter - 1',
TEXT(Sales_Role__c)='Hunter - 2',
TEXT(Sales_Role__c)='Manager - Hunter 1')


I have a number formula field that should only calculate when a specific picklist value is selected.

I have a working number formula to count the months between two date fields:
(CloseDate  -  Monthly_Min_Start_Date_Earliest__c)  / 365 * 12 < 1, 1, (CloseDate - Monthly_Min_Start_Date_Earliest__c) / 365 * 12)

It should only calculate if Type = Existing Upsell
ISPICKVAL(Type,'Existing Upsell')

I have attempted:
ISPICKVAL(Type,'Existing Upsell'),
(CloseDate  -  Monthly_Min_Start_Date_Earliest__c)  / 365 * 12 < 1, 1, (CloseDate - Monthly_Min_Start_Date_Earliest__c) / 365 * 12)

which results in error: Incorrect number of parameteres for Function 'IF()'. Expected 3, received 4.

I have tried a second IF statement before the formula date, but it resulted in the same error.

Any help is much appreciated!


We getting stuck:


Saml Validator shows us the following error:

 "Subject: Unable to map the subject to a Salesforce user"

We tried using the standard usernames our userbase has in production and also the updated usernames as lsited in the sandbox (where the '.sandboxname' is added as a suffix, and still get the above error.

As I understand it, if it works there should be the subject: username@domain.com Assertionid: randomlongstringofstuff.

Seems like we can't get the assertion to map correctly?

any help super appreciated.