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Dear all,

We have an integration of Eloqua with Salesforce and when pushing contacts from Eloqua to SalesForce as leads, following error messages are triggered"

Message 1: Duplicate value found: unknown duplicates value on record with id: ---------------------
Message 2: Too many retries of batch save in the presence of Apex triggers with failures: when triggers are present partial save requires that some subset of rows save without any errors in order to avoid inconsistent side effects from those triggers. Number of retries: 2

Any thoughts on how to resolve these errors ?

Individual contacts can be pushed from Eloqua and the external calls are successful (leads are created successfully). Above mentioned errors are triggered when I try to push more than 30 contact records.

A few forums suggested turning off the History tracking of Lead fields that I have already due, but the error is persistent.


Thanks very in advance for any help,

Navin Krishnan