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Hi team,
Just need quick help on the following use case. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

ABC company runs an organization that sells 3 luxury products: blue, red, and green gift boxes. They are targeting stores in shopping malls to use our gift boxes for gift wrapping their merchandise. The salespeople call and visit stores at the malls talking to store owners about the boxes. To help the sales efforts, salespeople carry sample boxes that they distribute to store owners who show interest.
  1. The company needs to be able to track and determine which boxes are and how many boxes are being sold (by sales rep and by sales team).
    1. Currently, there are four sales teams (Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D) that have two sales representatives each. Each team sells all three types of boxes.
  1. The company also wishes to track the stores that receive samples or make purchases to refine and target their marketing/sales efforts.
  2. Every box sold or given as a sample has a cost to the company associated with it (due to the rigorous box dying process), so they need to track the cost of the goods being sold.
    1. Red gift boxes - 50 cents/box
    2. Blue gift boxes - 25 cents/box
    3. Green gift boxes - 10 cents/box
  1. Of course, every box sold also provides revenue to the company which needs to be tracked:
    1. Red gift boxes - $5/box
    2. Blue gift boxes - $4/box
    3. Green gift boxes - $3/box
  1. As manufacturing processes are refined, the prices of gift boxes / cost of goods sold may adjust in the future - the company should be able to make those adjustments without impacting previous sales/sample metrics.
    Make sure to demonstrate how the client will be able to:
  • Track sales team’s efforts and determine which boxes are selling/sampled
  • Track what stores the boxes are being sampled/sold to
  • Track the revenue and cost of samples/sales
  • Provide visualizations of sales rep activities regarding selling efforts and provide insights into their accounts
hello there
we are subscription based

how does your tream track renewals? we are looking to add a field to the account object - would this be date based?

we would then want to automate a task when the renewal is reached - so would a date based value be best?

thank you
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Hi Everyone :)

I am working with multiple companies that are looking for Salesforce Developers in Berlin and Munich.
One company is an award-winning E-Commerce company who are looking for mid-level and senior developers to help build a unique solution for their global management software. They provide opportunities to enhance knowledge on how to create UI components, programs and APIs using the latest platform features including lightning.
The company provides complete relocation support including accommodation, documentation, and visa sponsorship (if required).
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Seeing Salesforce Procing I don't think it is possible. As anyone can join the website and we have to pay huge license fee for that new user. After that the user may post a lot  of content into Salesforce which may reach the Salesforce limit and so we need to perform additional licenses.
Just wanted to confirm that we cannot build a Social Networking site in Salesforce.