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Inside Salesforce we have made an integration with a SAP Fiori application from a simple quick action which actually open an external link.
Inside the desktop environment (using Chrome or Firefox), the salesman can make his order without any issue but, when he tries to make an order using the mobile application and he adds a product to the cart, the external application is unable to maitain products inside the cart (everytime it resets).

  1. Add a product to the cart:User-added image
  2. Going back to the cart it has 0 products:User-added image

There can be an issue related to session management inside the Salesforce mobile application for the external applications opened inside the app web view? 
When users log in inside the Salesforce mobile application, they use an Okta integration we have set up but, once they try to open a link to an external page which requires the same SSO login (it is a SAP Fiori application integrated with Okta), the page requires again the SSO info to log the user in.
Is there a way to avoid the second login by passing the SSO information from the Salesforce application to the external link?