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We are trying to find a solution to a issue about Omni Channel Routing.
Actually we are thinking about using skills-based routing, but this is only the first idea.
Well, we have some skills for our agents and all of the agents have all the skils, varying only on the skill level. So, we are in a situation like:

Senior Agents have the Active Clients Skill with skill level 10.
Junior Agents have the Active Clients Skill with skill Level 7.

When I create a PendingServiceRouting and we have a Active Clients Skill related to it, we expected the following result:
Omni channel first try to push the item to Senior Agent. With none Senior agent is available, Salesforce try to push it to Junior Agents. All this based on the skill level.
The problem is that Salesforce always route the work item based on the time it was created or by priority, never considering something like "the best agent first".

Can anybody help me with a solution or a idea?


We are doing this because today we have 3 kinds (the most qualified represents 5% of our clients, qualified 60% and non qualified 35%) of clients and all of our agents can give support to them. Otherwise, our most qualified client should be "helped" by our agent with best skill. This way of thinking can solve some problems, like:
- Seniors Agents will have as work items as the others.
- Qualified clients can have preference in waiting time.
- Qualified clients can have preference in best support.

Can someone give me a hand?