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FOR MY FOR MULA FIELD I CREATED A PICKLIST FIELD i.e Donated_above_10k__c where its values is yes,no,may be

According to my formula 
yes--->image1 display
no--->image 2
may be --->images 3
All images are uploaded in sratic resource

Here is the formula

CONTACT( Donated_above_10k__c ,
“Yes”, IMAGE("https://amazing-astro-230651-dev-ed--c.visualforce.com/resource/1622553334000/GoldenBadge?", "Yes", 100, 100),
“No”, IMAGE(“https://amazing-astro-230651-dev-ed--c.visualforce.com/resource/1622540671000/QuickCase2?”,”No”,16,16),
“IDK”, IMAGE(“https://amazing-astro-230651-dev-ed--c.visualforce.com/resource/1622563356000/gg?”,”IDK”,16,16),

I'm using a visualforce button in custom object layout page to create related list record of another custom object. when I use the sforce.one.createrecord the SF1 navigate to the create record page but I cannot auto populate the fields just like in standard salesforce when I passed parameters in url.
the creation page looks like this:
User-added image 
The lookup fields in yellow should present a read only value that is taken from a parameter passed from.
Any solution for this or a workaround?

Okay folks, I know this is a n00b question but I can't remember if or how to initialize a string with a set of arguments.


What I want to do is something like this



List<String> alphabet = { 'a' , 'b' , 'c' ...  };


How can I do this?