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Hello, I am using data loader version 52.0 ( I have also tried earlier versions ) I keep getting this error : 2021-08-24 08:01:24,353 ERROR [accountUpsert] client.PartnerClient runOperation (PartnerClient.java:359) - Error while calling web service operation: login, error was:
com.sforce.soap.partner.fault.LoginFault: null. 

I have tried to run this with and encrypted pw, and an encrypted pw + token. 
Process config xml contains:

    <bean id="accountUpsert"
        <description>Account Upsert bean gets the account record updates from a CSV file generated by a SQL SPROC and uploads them to salesforce using 'upsert'.</description>
        <property name="name" value="accountUpsert"/>
        <property name="configOverrideMap">
                <entry key="sfdc.insertNulls" value="true"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.debugMessages" value="true"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.debugMessagesFile" value="c:\users\user\dataloader\v52.0.0\debug.log"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.endpoint" value="https://login.salesforce.com"/> ( I have also tried the exact name of our company instance)
                <entry key="sfdc.username" value=" myusername@mycompany.com"/>
               <entry key="sfdc.password" value="blabla"/>
                <entry key="process.encryptionKeyFile" value="c:\users\user\dataloader\v52.0.0\configs\dataLoader.key"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.insertNulls" value="true"/>
<entry key="sfdc.timeoutSecs" value="600"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.useBulkApi" value="false"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.loadBatchSize" value="200"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.externalIdField" value="a custom field"/>
                <entry key="sfdc.entity" value="Account"/>
                <entry key="process.mappingFile" value="c:\users\user\dataloader\v52.0.0\configs\test1map_wid.sdl"/>
                <entry key="process.operation" value="upsert"/>
                <entry key="dataAccess.name" value="C:\Users\user\dataloader\v52.0.0\CSVTEST.csv"/>
                <entry key="dataAccess.type" value="csvRead"/>
                <entry key="process.initialLastRunDate" value="2005-12-01T00:00:00.000-0800"/>
I have also tried with full config.properties and an empty one. 
Any tips or help would be greatly appricated. 
Thanks, Heather 


I recently started a new job and I have been trying to get the Data Loader CLI working. I have used it many times before.

I have generated a key and encrypted password several times. However I still get an error when I try to login:

 [LoginFault [ApiFault  exceptionCode='INVALID_LOGIN'
 exceptionMessage='Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.'

I know that I am hitting the correct endpoint because I can see the attempt in the login history:

Login Type    Status            Browser            Platform Application
Other Apex API    Invalid Password    Java (Salesforce.com)    Unknown    DataLoaderPartnerBatch/

I have tried adding my security token to my password but still no joy.

So it looks like something is going wrong with encrypting/decrypting my password.

Any ideas?