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Hello all,

Since I am aware of the general best practice to make sure that out-of-box automation tools are being utilized properly I am wondering what are the cons and pros of two approaches I have in mind:
1. Have all automations STARTING with Flows, being extended by Apex Code only as and when it's needed. 
2. Writing Apex Triggers to handle automations. 

How does that translate to efficiency? 

I think that the approach with Flows being defined for all objects as initiators of automations can help easily visualize the automation path. Say I would like to write a custom Apex Class that sends the data to another system via HTTP to push the same data to the other platform whenever a record is created. 

Do you think that defining a Flow Trigger that then calls an Apex Class is a good practice? 

Also, perhaps there are considerations about whether we need to re-process some data in SF when we receive a response, then perhaps Before-Save operation would be more efficient and for that reason alone we might want to go with Apex Trigger (since you can call Apex only in After-Save flow?) - so that's perhaps another consideration.

Let me know your thoughts folks - I think more or less I am right about the above, but I want to make sure that I am not missing any additional factors to ponder upon.